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Story of Zoey Zane

Short Bio

Zoey Zane is an aspiring author and poet, who has been a zealous reader for most of her life. She has a love for dark romance and thrillers, the two genres that dominate most of the space on her bookshelves. Zoey lives in Tennessee with her husband, their son, and their adorable two pit bulls.

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Longer Version

For Zoey Zane, writing has never been optional; like eating and breathing are essential to living. Writing is like that childhood toy you lost during a move, but then you find out your mother saved it for when you got older. There's that huge section of life where it's missing, but the craving is always there. She has always wanted to write poetry, has a love for creative writing, collects bookmarks, and truly believes all people should use the Oxford comma. 


In her other life, she is married and is a mother of one human and two dogs. She loves peanut butter cookies, buying planners she only uses for a month or two, and is never seen without a water bottle. Zoey has a Bachelor’s degree in English, yet she works with an insurance company in the healthcare field. 


P.S. If you can figure out how Zoey Zane relates to her real name, she’ll give you a cookie. Oh, and a signed paperback of her book.

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